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WATCH LIVE NOW: After waiting, Ron Paul addresses supporters in Nevada

WATCH LIVE NOW: Gingrich addresses supporters in Orlando, FL

"One term. One message. We’re holding @BarackObama accountable: #OneTermFund"

WATCH LIVE NOW: Ron Paul addresses supporters in Nevada

WATCH LIVE NOW: Santorum addresses supporters in Nevada

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WATCH LIVE NOW: Romney addresses supporters in FL after victory


Ron Paul speaks with residents of Nevada at an event taking place at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Henderson, Nevada. Paul decided to limit campaigning in Florida and this past week has campaigned in Maine and Nevada.


Rick Santorum spent the day campaigning in Nevada and will speak to supporters at an event in Las Vegas. Santorum decided not to continue campaigning in Florida and is in Nevada ahead of this Saturday’s caucuses.


These numbers are the election results of the Florida GOP Primary from the Associated Press.