FORT LESLEY J. MCNAIR, D.C. – In response to various Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and inquiries from news agencies regarding the availability of pre-trial documents in the case of the United States vs. Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, the Office of The Judge Advocate General on Monday, February 25, released 84 judicial orders and rulings.

These documents were approved for release under the Freedom of Information Act, and are now posted in a U.S. Army Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room at the following site: <>.

Due to the voluminous nature of these documents, it will take additional time to review, redact, and release all of the responsive documents. To date, more than 500 documents have been filed by the parties or issued by the military judge, totaling more than 30,000 pages. Documents will continue to be published as they are reviewed and prepared for release.

Media queries may be emailed to the U.S. Army Military District of Washington Public Affairs Office at

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